IDEG 2021 abstracts are not yet open. Details will be provided closer to the meeting date


  • Clearly state the purpose of your study and include a brief description of the methods used.  Provide actual data and, if available, a summary of the results.  Abstracts that promise to explain the importance of the work during the presentation will not be considered. Your abstract should be separated into four sections: Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.

  •  Abstracts must be original i.e. non-published, work.


  • Abstracts must be submitted 1.5 spaced in Arial, 12pt font. Abstracts should not contain any citations. Abstracts should NOT exceed 250 words. You may include a small table or figure if you wish, but please note that every word in a figure or table counts as four words.


  • Please complete all requested information.  The format should be:

    • Title of abstract, all in boldface capital letters

    • One line of space

    • List of authors with their affiliations, city, province, and country (i.e. Department of Trauma, St. Michael’s University, Toronto, ON, Canada) in one paragraph   separated by commas.

    • Place an asterisk (*) after the names(s) of corresponding author. 

    • The abstract itself, in 12 pt Arial font, 1.5 spaced

    • Abstracts should be submitted in Microsoft Word.

  • All correspondence will be with corresponding author ONLY

  • Abstract describing animal work or basic science results will not be accepted

  • Please submit abstracts to: TBC

  • Please label your abstract file with your surname_IDEG2021

  • Please write IDEG abstract in the header of the email.

  • Below the abstract in the word document, please indicate whether you would like to compete in the 3 minute thesis competition.

  • An example of the format of the abstract can be found here

Accepted abstracts will be presented as oral presentations or via a poster presentation (guided)


We will have 2-3 poster sessions at the meeting and some posters will be moderated. This means that authors will be asked to speak about their poster for 3-4 minutes and then answer questions. Potential presenter will be notified if their poster will be moderated or not when abstract acceptances are sent out.


More information related to presentation guidelines can be found here