About IDEG

The International Diabetes Epidemiology Group (IDEG) was founded in 1979 in response to the recognition of the growing impact of the diabetes epidemic. The mission of IDEG is to forge collaboration and exchange ideas and data on the epidemiology of diabetes to better understand and explore its causes and consequences. To this end, the primary activity of the IDEG is a symposium held every two years as a satellite to the World Diabetes Congress (WDC) held by the International Diabetes federation (IDF). This symposium serves as a platform to foster collaboration among researchers and practitioners in diabetes epidemiology worldwide.

In 2019, the IDEG will hold its 16th Symposium on November 30th - December 2nd, 2019 in South Korea.  A one-day epidemiology training course targeted at trainees and young researchers will also take place prior to the symposium on Novermber 29th. The current president of the IDEG is Professor Bruce Duncan

How IDEG began 


Ideas of having a periodic international diabetes epidemiology meeting was first raised  by a group of diabetes researchers (including Drs Kelly West, Harry Keen, John Jarrett, Paul Zimmet and Peter Bennett) at the IDF Congress in Dehli, (31st Oct-Nov 5th, 1976). At a subsequent meeting in 1979 in the outskirts of Vienna, ahead of the main IDF Congress, IDEG was formed, with Dr Kelly West elected as the first chairperson, and Dr John Jarrett as the secretary. Since then, IDEG has organized regular meetings on diabetes epidemiology every 2-3 year.

Target Audience

Physicians, epidemiologists, students and researchers with interest in diabetes and diabetes epidemiology. Audience also includes other healthcare professionals/researchers and students in fields related to diabetes.

Past IDEG symposia

The following is a history of the IDEG Symposia, with the local organizer and IDEG president shown in parentheses.

2019 (current)

Seoul, South Korea

Chair of the local organizing committee: Dae Jung Kim and Hyeon Chang

(President: Bruce Duncan, Brazil)


Abu Dhabi, UAE

Chair of the local organizing committee: Jaakko Tuomilehto

(President: Dianna Magliano, Australia)



Vancouver, Canada

Chair of local organizing committee: Jeffrey Johnson

(President: Ronald Ching Wa Ma, China)



Melbourne, Australia

Chair of local organizing committee: Jonathan Shaw

(President: Edward Boyko, USA)



Sharjah, UAE

Chair of local organizing committee: Nabil Suliman

(President: Jonathan Shaw, Australia)



Quebec City, Canada 

Chair of local organizing committee: Jean-Pierre Depres

(President: Nicholas Wareham, UK)



Stellenbosch, South Africa 

Chair of local organizing committee: Naomi (Dinky) Levitt

(President: Maria Inês Schmidt, Brazil)



Tours, France 

(President: Beverly Balkau, France)


Acapulco, Mexico 

Chair of local organizing committee: Melchor Alpizar

(President: Jaakko Tuomilehto, Finland)



Savonlinna, Finland 

(President: Jaakko Tuomilheto, Finland)



Himeji, Japan 

(President: Naoko Tajima, Japan)



Williamsburg, Virginia 

(President: Peter Bennett, USA)



Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 

Chair of local organizing committee: Gordon Senator

(President: Hilary King, USA)



Madrid, Spain 

(Harry Keen and John Jarrett, UK)



Nairobi, Kenya 

(Harry Keen and John Jarrett, UK)



Vienna, Austria 

Formation of IDEG: Kelly West, John Jarrett, Harry Keen, Maureen Harris, Paul Zimmet, Peter Bennett

Elected Kelly West as Chairman and John Jarrett as Secretary of IDEG