Please read the information below to check if you can obtain a visa on arrival or if you require a pre-arranged visa to enter the United Arab Emirates. 


Visa on arrival

Citizens of eligible countries/regions are allowed to enter the UAE without a visa prior to arrival.


*Delegates from China: The United Arab Emirates’ government has announced plans to introduce a ‘Visa On Arrival’ initiative for visitors from China, a scheme currently in operation for visitors from 47 countries and visitors from GCC nations. It is anticipated the scheme will be in operation in advance of Abu Dhabi’s hosting of the International Diabetes Forum, and we look forward to welcoming Chinese delegates.


Important information:

  • Passport should be valid for a minimum period of 6 months 

  • Type of Visa: 30 days Tourist visa

  • Duration of stay: 30 Days including the entry and the departure days 

  • Number of entries: Only single entry is permitted 

  • An eye scan will be taken at the Immigration desk in the airport

  • Fee: Free of charge

  • Only normal passports can be used for visa applications (i.e. no Diplomatic Passports)


Other Countries – Pre-arranged visa

Nationals of countries not included in the visa on arrival list will require a pre-arranged visa to enter the United Arab Emirates.


How to start an application 

The easiest way to obtain a UAE Visa is to apply through prime on 


Cost of a visa application is $145 (US dollars).


Visa Application Timing

The processing time for an application is typically 7-15 UAE working days (Sunday to Thursday). 

Whether an application is approved or not is at the sole discretion of the UAE Immigration Department and it is no other party’s responsibility if the visa is declined. 

Fees paid in regards to approved or declined application cannot be refunded.

Issuance of a visa or approval of the visa application does not in any way guarantee right of entry to UAE. Entry is at the sole discretion of the Immigration officer at the Airport.