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Zilsky series, only the clock hanging on the wall right in front of me showed six, six in the morning. A little more, two hours, and home - to sleep, and in the evening again here. So any meeting or date scheduled outside the casino and my pillow flies past at the speed of a ball rushing along a roulette wheel. Nonsense all these horoscopes!

I leaned back tiredly on the back of the worn leather sofa and pressed my head against someone's sweater. A soft lump fell under the back of the head just in time - it will be a pillow, its owner will not come soon anyway. She sadly looked at the screen of the sleeping phone, already without hope, at six in the morning any hope dies - there were no messages, no unanswered calls either; just in case, I flipped through the old messages, and suddenly the new one got lost between them. It didn't get delayed.



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